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Most anticipated PSN games of 2019

Posted: 1 day ago, by Admin

If you are a dedicated console gamer, then you will be most pleased to know that some of the big names are coming out early this year.

The year 2019 is going to start strong, and we can only hope that games like these will be coming out throughout the whole year. Just some of the names we're going to mention are Tekken, South Park, Resident Evil and more. If you know about these already, then we're sure you must be over-excited, however, if you don't, stick around and find out what they are all about.

PSN games, as usual, aren't very cheap, and some of the games we're going to mention may cost well over fifty dollars. If you can't save enough money until their release you can always help yourself to our free PSN codes 2017.

Now, onto the list that you've all been waiting for:

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil series have been with us for a long time. The theme of this game: Survival. This game is not for the weak-hearted, we can tell you that much.

It's about surviving some kind of zombie apocalypse, where they've been quite creative with zombies, and you will find creatures beyond your wildest imagination. Resident Evil is so popular that they've created numerous movies as well. Some say that Resident Evil 6 didn't rise to the expectations, so this year, the company was determined to create their master-piece. Definitely a game you don't want to miss in 2017 if you're into a horror genre.

2. For Honor

A game full of blood and combat. Set in some sort of middle-ages where apparently Vikings, Knights, and Samurai have a deadly grudge against each other and they're determined to carry it out in a single battlefield. This game can be played one on one, two on two, or four on four. It's made quite well; there are no silly repetitive actions which you can spam until you get the job done. There is a lot of coordination between offensive and defensive actions, so, if you're willing to master the art of combat, you will probably need some time.

3. South Park: The Fractured Butthole

The title of the game should say a lot more than we ever could. If you're a fan of South Park series, then you have to play this game. Their first game ''The Stick of Truth'' was a master piece, and there is no reason why the sequel shouldn't be just as good. The game reflects the series perfectly, so if you want to have lots of laughs, you should definitely go for it.

4. Tekken 7

Tekken, just like Resident Evil, has been with us for a long time. When a game survives for such a long period of time, you know that there's quality involved. One of the best fighter games out there. Since there are a lot of difficult moves in Tekken that you will want to master, you definitely won't get bored playing it anytime soon.

Benefits of Playstation Plus account

Posted: 4 days ago, by Admin

If you've read our home page thoroughly, you know that we've already mentioned something about Playstation Plus Card, but we haven't really dug deeper into how much of a benefit it would be to own it.

Playstation Plus account (or a premium account) is an upgrade to your regular Playstation account, and it comes with many benefits. The longer time period of your premium account you purchase, the bigger the benefits. You can buy a one-month subscription which is 9.99$, three months for 24.99$, or twelve months for 59.99$. As you can clearly see, the longer the subscription, the smaller the cost per month.

The most important benefit of all, the one most people buy premium accounts for, is, of course, the multiplayer option. There are numerous Playstation games which can be played in single-player mode, but the truth is, most people buy them in order to play them online, with other players. Some of those games are Destiny, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat and so on.

The second most important benefit - Discounts. Playstation offers many discounts to their premium users, and they are no joke. Some of the discounts may decrease the cost of a game up to eighty percent. Furthermore, you will always be notified about any sales, and you will have an advantage over non-premium users.

The third benefit is the free games. That's right, when you become a premium user you get free games. How many games you get depends on the subscription. You get the most games if you buy the one-year subscription and least if you buy the one-month subscription. These games are mostly outdated games. If you hope to get one of the most recent, popular games, don't get your hopes up. It most likely won't happen. However, this doesn't mean that the games you do get will be some useless garbage. You can also get the most popular games of recent years, which still cost a lot. So when you think about it, your subscription really pays itself, through games.

Another pretty useful benefit of premium accounts is - Online game saves. Premium members can automatically or manually upload their game saves to an online game save storage to keep for later. Each premium member will be given one GB of cloud storage space.

Now that you know just how important PSN premium account is, why not join our daily giveaway and get yours today, for free?

Best Free Playstation Games

Posted: 1 week ago, by Admin

Since you're here, we know what you really want - FREE GAMES. Get into the daily giveaway, earn a card, buy a game, play the game. Good plan!

However, if you find yourself empty-handed once the giveaway is over, you can always get one of these games we're about to unveil completely free of charge.

So, without further ado, here's the list:

  • 1. Neverwinter

    The second most important benefit - Discounts. Playstation offers many discounts to their premium users, and they are no joke. Some of the discounts may decrease the cost of a game up to eighty percent. Furthermore, you will always be notified about any sales, and you will have an advantage over non-premium users.

  • 2. Paragon

    If you're not such a big fan of an MMORPG world and you want something that's a bit more repetitive and yet always exciting and different, then why not try this amazing MOBA. If you don't know what a MOBA is, it stands for a multiplayer online battle arena. It's a kind of game which always take place on the same map, but the games never turn out to be dull or boring, or even similar to each other. MOBA is like chess, full of endless possibilities on a seemingly small platform.

    Paragon is a bit similar to DOTA2, so if you enjoy playing DOTA2, we are sure you will enjoy playing this game too.

    All the characters in this game are free, but you can always spend money on things like card packs, in-game currencies, boosters and so on.

  • 3. Trans-Galactic Tournament

    Here's another very exciting MOBA for you. Trans-Galactic Tournament is a bit smaller in size, looks kind of cartoonish, but it's extraordinarily exciting and very addictive. It's battle-packed, and if you want to be one of the best in this game, you will have to practice for quite some time. This game has a list of free champions which rotate each week, so if you find a champion you like and it's currently not available, you will either have to pay for it or play enough until you're able to unlock it.

  • 4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 ( PES )

    We understand that each person is different and that everyone has their preferred taste in games which is why we're trying to make this list as diverse as possible. Which leads us to PES 2017. This game is absolutely amazing. One of the best games ever created (if you are into sports games of course). It will keep you and your friends occupied for hours. The graphics are better than ever, the gameplay much more balanced than in previous versions and the possibilities are endless. If you like football, there is no chance that you will dislike this game.

  • 5. World of Tanks

    World of Tanks is a game in which you need strategy most of all. It's a shooter, but it doesn't only rely on your accuracy. There are many things which determine a good player in this game and being a good shooter isn't even in the top 3.

    As the name stands, World of Tanks is a game built around all kinds of different tanks. It's commonly played in a 15 v.s. 15 format and it has pretty much everything you'd expect a game about tanks has. Once you enter the World of Tanks, we assure you, you won't leave it for quite some time.

How valuable are PSN cards and how do they work?

Posted: 2 weeks ago, by Admin

First of all, let's talk about PSN cards. PSN cards, or Playstation Cards, are cards which can hold different values. Some cards are more valuable than others as one can hold twenty dollars of credit, while another one can be worth fifty.

These Playstation cards represent the value which you can redeem on your Playstation account. Once you enter the code written on the card, your account's balance will increase for an amount which was written on the card. This means that you can use that money to buy anything Playstation has to offer. The only disadvantage when it comes to Playstation cards is that the money which they represent can only be spent on Playstation-related content.

Two ways of increasing your account's balance

There are two possible ways for you to transfer money to your Playstation account. First one is by using your credit card, and another one is via PSN cards. The reason why two methods exist is that not everyone has a credit card and even some of those who do don't like to use them for anything that they don't have to. When it comes to credit cards, people are simply too afraid of getting hacked, so they prefer to do things any other way.

That is why Playstation corporation created these Playstation cards. You can get them at almost any respectable store but have in mind that, for example, the twenty dollar PSN card won't cost exactly twenty dollars, but just a bit more.

So how do these PSN cards work?

As we've already explained why these cards exist in the first place in the text above, you're probably wondering how do they actually work? Well, each card has a unique set of symbols generated via a very fine generator that never makes a mistake of duplicating an already existing code.

Now you may think to yourself, if every card is unique, and there are millions of cards out there, if I just generate a random sequence I just might hit the right combination, and you may be right. However, chances of hitting the right combination are so slim that even if you punched different combinations every second you might not hit the right one for months, even years. That's because the number of possible combinations is huge. There are literally billions of different sets of codes, and only a small fragment of them are actually used for the real PSN cards.

So cherish the card you get for free and use it wisely.

What can I do with the PSN card I won in your giveaway?

The card you win is yours and yours alone. We no longer have any claim to it, or say in how you use it. Once you win the free PSN card, you can use it for your own benefit, you can give it to your friend, you can even sell it to somebody else. It's entirely up to you.